Deep Black Urethane Coating HS DTM Fast Dry, Rustproof, MetalForce 8-1-1, gallon Kit



Urethane Coating 8-1-1 specifically formulated to comply with VOC Regulations*. This product is designed to be applied catalyzed on metal surfaces. It offers high gloss, provides good gloss and color retention, good corrosion resistance and excellent weather resistance. With a reduced drying time, this versatile product can be used directly on metal, but also as topcoat on Metal Force 3406-134X coatings.
Intended uses :
– Manufacture, maintenance, repair or restoration of mobile equipment or their parts: trailers, truck dump bodies, agricultural machinery, various vehicles ;
– Rust preventive coating for residential metal structures: decorative iron, fences, garage doors.
• Can be applied directly on properly prepared metal (DTM) ;
• Very high gloss finish ;
• Good UV resistance (gloss and color retention) ;