EURO 844 Liquid Putty with BPO pink hardener, 1kg


EURO 844 LIQUID PUTTY is a two component polyester finishing putty designed specifically for the professional. EURO 844 is a high viscosity liquid putty designed for easy sanding. It will not clog sandpaper and adheres to fillers, painted surfaces and metals.
With excellent adhesion to metal, body filler, wood, fiberglass, catalyzed primers and old/sanded OEM topcoats, EURO 844 provides an ultra-smooth finish that is easy to sand while simultaneously preventing sandpaper clogging.
BPO pink hardener included.
Ultra-smooth finish
Easy sanding without abrasive paper clogging
Minimizes the adhesion of contaminates to the base/clear coat
Less primer is required
Saves on sanding time
Reduces the need for refinishing
Improves the effectiveness of the primer