1kg Flex Filler for Plastic with hardener



FLEX FILLER FOR PLASTIC is a flexible, two-component polyester plastic outline filler made with the finest European resins available in order to obtain the easiest sanding capabilities on the market. Made for repairing small scratches and irregularities, FLEX FILLER virtually eliminates micro-pin-holing, where it’s black color highlights imperfections allowing for better visualization throughout the repair process.
BPO pink hardener included.
Self-leveling and smooth surface application
Exceptional sanding capabilities
Surface dry hardening prevents sandpaper clogging
Color matches almost all plastic substrates
Extremely flexible and will not chip, peel or crack over time
Vacuum processed to virtually eliminate micro-pin holing
Creamy texture is easy to spread, reducing material costs
Finely tuned degree of hardness prevents bouncing during sanding so that the putty can be sanded to be virtually non-existent, creating a smooth finish
For filling smaller uneven spots as well as minor scratches on plastic bumpers. Can also be used on almost all other plastics employed in the automotive sector providing appropriate pretreatment is carried out beforehand.