Paint to Match Your Vehicle’s New Part



Our company is one of the few in the auto body parts industry that offers quality painting services with unbeatable prices. Unlike many other painted car parts suppliers, we use high- quality paint and clear coating that is designed to last for years. 

 The painters at Paint Plus Auto Body Parts are professionally trained and specialize in the painting services of auto body parts. We sell to both auto body shops and directly to consumers like you with the same low prices, so you’re getting the same quality paint finish as if you’re taking your car to a paint and auto body shop. 

  We offer painting services for the following parts: 

  • Bumper (Front or Rear) 
  • Fender 
  • Doors 
  • Hood 
  • Mirror (Left or Right) 

 At Paint Plus Auto Body Parts, we only use high-quality paint products made from leading paint manufacturers. Our paint and color matching processes are the same as what you will get at dealerships and high-end auto body shops. Our reliable, cutting-edge paint system can generate thousands of paint variations to get the exact paint color for your vehicle. 

 IMPORTANT: Please note that some parts and color variations may require 3-stage painting, and that will cost $85 more. In such a case, you will be contacted and notified about this process. 

 Please allow 24 hours after your part has been  received by us for our painters to complete the painting service and for the paint to properly cure before it’s delivered to you. You will always get the best painting of auto body parts at Paint Plus Auto Body Parts! 

 To find the exact color of your vehicle, simply tell us the VIN of your vehicle.

 It is your responsibility to select the correct paint code – if you select an incorrect paint code or your vehicle has been repainted since you placed your order, we do NOT guarantee a paint match. If the correct paint code was selected and the paint does not match, customers have up to 10 days after receiving the item to contact us for an exchange, refunds are NOT offered.